Thoughts and Surrender

This is my Bright Lights group this year.  They are an incredibly fun and eager to learn group!
We have been talking about how we can be, as Philippians 2 says, “children of God without fault.” So far we’ve talked about the importance of Gratefulness as Christians and about Complaining. It is such a significant witness to the world when we are joyful and thankful to God and to others!  I’m so excited to learn with you girls this year!

God has been teaching me about walking in His will even when it’s not the path I would have chosen.  It is easy to say I want God to use me and I want to be more like Christ, but have an unrealistically happy, easy picture of how this might look.  It’s pretty easy to say, “Lord do whatever it takes to make me more like You,” but then be surprised and frustrated when He does.  I stumbled across the hymn God’s Refining Fire again the other day…

O Lord, we pray “thy will be done” or Master, here am I.”
We pray you’d do a mighty work That to the flesh we’d die.
And when the answer comes to us In form of trial and test,
We fail to see You loving hand, Refining fire is best.

God’s refining fire, God’s refining fire.
May it purge me now and make of me what You require.
O Lord, feed the fire, Your refining fire.
Now as gold and silver must be tried, Lord,
may my heart be purified. Lord, send Your great refining fire.

That I may stand when You appear, Abide till You return.
O place the fire perfectly That all the dross be burned.
Whether furnace of affliction, Lord, Or unfulfilled desire,
Bring forth a vessel pure and tried By Your refining fire.

What a beautiful prayer.

Well have a blessed weekend, friends!

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4 Responses to Thoughts and Surrender

  1. Emily says:

    Becca, I have been struggling with walking in the Lord’s will as well thank you for sharing.

    Have a blessed day

  2. Ellen says:

    Great post Becca! Just today Hannah and were playing through some songs in and we sang that very one!

  3. Hannnah says:

    What a great picture of your Bright Lights group! That is a beautiful song.

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